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So as I'm sure you've noticed most of the officer team has been pretty absent from WoW lately. I can't speak for the others but I'm just not enjoying the game anymore. I log in, stand around in Stormwind then log off. As I can't really be GM & not actually play the game anymore I need to hand the reigns over to someone else. However, the other officers have all either left or don't really have the time to do this, so if you feel you'd be good for the position of GM drop a post below, maybe saying why you would or something.

Also to enable people to get their alts in the guild I've enabled it so that Elder Birds can now invite to the guild.

Chiaa I did but saw on the armory Sjor had been made GM,so deleted my comment.I'd be happy to help out still of course.
Valkindra a I've given Sjor the GM position so if anyone wants to be an officer or help out, let him know as I'm sure he c...
Terig Well there are several options, we can have someone to hold the GM title until we get back. Or just takes it. Or Valk st...

7 Bosses down!

Valkindra a posted Nov 15, 13
Congratulations to the raid team on killing Dark Shamans!

Terig I will miss raiding, it is the only thing that kept me going in this game for so very long and some minor other things. ...
Sugarpixie a Gz!
Helomonea grats ppls
Argent Dawn
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